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Not every independent hospo is also an e-Marketing geek. Luckily, BistroPro is.
Why BistroPro was born

Simply put, BistroPro exists to make it easier for those with inspiration to start your own restaurant or bar and get noticed.

"In 2011, some friends announced that they were opening up a small bar in one of the inner suburbs of Sydney, Australia. When they came to me for help with their website, I realized that although there are many options available to build a cheap restaurant website for an independent operator, none of these big companies had really taken the time to understand the needs of an independent like them - sort of like the relationship they wanted to have with their customers.

Having grown up working in my own family's business, I realized that by building one restaurant website tool that would work for a range of independent bars and restaurants like the apltly named 'The Little Guy', or the restaurant I had grown up in, that independent operators just starting out could afford to have a website that is not only just as visually appealing as their bigger competitors, but is also constantly kept up-to-date with all the latest technology. Anna and Dynn wouldn't have time to spend hours at a computer, so I integrated the site with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This means they can keep the content fresh on the go using the mobile apps they were already comfortable with.

Anna and Dynn's approach has been so successful that they have just opened a second bar in partnership with another friend, Laura, called 'Kingston Public'. I'd like to think BistroPro played some part in this success. Best of luck guys!"

Carl Rickards, Founder and Developer, BistroPro

Connect with your customers

BistroPro has two-way connections to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - so you can keep your restaurant website content fresh from anywhere, at any time using the mobile apps you're used to.

Grow your online presence

BistroPro uses the latest responsive design technology. That means you don't need to spend money on a mobile website for your restaurant or bar. Your site automatically adjusts its layout and formatting, so that it always looks great on any device and presents the most relevant content. For example, on a mobile device a potential customer will see the address and a link to a map right at the top, so they can find their way to your door easily.

Best of all, because your BistroPro website is built on a unique dynamic platorm, your site is automatically updated so that you're taking advantage of the latest advances in web technology without even knowing it. Like your events calendar, which marks up your content in rich text so that Google's web crawler can tell when happy hour is on (it doesn't drink, unfortunately).


We like to keep everything simple. We want all our customers to have a great experience, just like you.

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After that, it's just $USD29 per month.

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